New Business Card

I purchased business cards awhile back but I never wrote anything about it. They are personal business cards, I needed them for situations where I am meeting new people. I am actually fairly shy about giving them out, it is surprising that some people think business cards show how outdated you are, yet they are still used quite a lot in other countries and non-tech industries.

Here is what the cards look like:

My Business Card.  Yup, blurry.

I'll provide explanations about the decisions I made.

Blank Back

The back is blank to provide a place to write other information. One of my gripes with other people's cards was the inability to write information on there, because they are chock full of extraneous stuff.

Thick Cardstock

I personally hate flimsy cards. I hate writing on them, having them bend and fold in my pocket, and so forth. Without going full American Psycho, there is something to be said for attention to detail and paying a bit extra for some nice touches.

I ordered the thickest cardstock possible, so the card retains its form under light pressure. It also gives a wow, that's nice feeling. When I give people my card, the first thing they note is how fancy it is.

Basic, Honest Information

The information on my card is the least amount of information to know (a) who I am, (b) what I am, and (c) how to contact me. I don't add other flourishes of fancy job titles. This is a personal card and I want people to see me as approachable, not some authority construct. I don't add obsolete communication methods, like telephone numbers, as I can't remember the last time I used my phone for that. Email, twitter, and my website are the best communication mediums. Further mediums can be discussed after initial contact is made.

My card also speaks for me. That's what cards are supposed to do, yet every card I've seen has the basic FirstName LastName title on it. I went with Hi, I'm Scott Brown because it introduces itself like I do. People often say I write like I talk, which I take as a compliment (my English teacher did not, however) and my cards are no exception.

A Hook

I've been presented with cards and later forgot the reason I had the card. I wrote What would you like to talk about? to reinforce the idea that I am approachable, extending a hand to chat about anything.

Ice Breaker

The last bit of detail on the card is in the blue bar. I'm not going to say what it does, but it is presented as an ice breaker. Often in the tech industry, you give someone your card and there is an instant lull in the conversation. That pause can cause you to forget what to talk about. This ice breaker gives you (and me, if I'm shy) the ability to get a conversation rolling with something intriguing.