Ansible Tips Series Starting Soon

I'm in the process of automating the provision step for a client's project in Ansible, from a Vagrant environment through to the Production environment. Along the way, and in previous Ansible projects, I've accumulated some tips which I'll enumerate here in a series of articles. They are meant to be short, yet detailed. I intended to write all of the tips in one article, but then the article became too long and nobody is going to take an hour to read it. Better to chop it up into bite-sized pieces.

This series of articles is primarily targeted at systems administrators, but everyone will be able to learn some tips and best practices. I come from a software development background, and I find it useful to put some programming best practices into Ansible wherever possible, but I realize that not every systems administrator has learned these principles.

There is no order of importance or detail to the articles. My hope is to publish them as I finish writing, so it's first-come, first-published. Whenever I publish a new article, I will update this article with a link to it, becoming a pseudo table of contents.